My (Not So) Secret Addiction

Published April 24, 2012 by lovefashionandpugs

Hey guys,

I’ll admit it: I have an addiction.It’s pretty serious,  I usually can’t make it more than a few days without getting a fix. My name is Jessica and I’m addicted to Lush Bath Bombs. Ok, I said it! I feel better now. I can’t be the only one, right? :)

I first discovered Lush products on a trip to London about 10 years ago. At that time, they weren’t even available in the US. It was love at first sight. I bought as many as I could, and was so sad when my supply ran out. A couple years later I was thrilled to see that they had opened a Lush store here in NYC. It’s a good thing that it’s all the way uptown, or I would probably be there every day, instead of once a month, which is bad enough!

Lush makes a whole line of products: everything from shampoo to face masks to lip balm, alll are cruelty free, and use fresh natural ingredients.

By far my two favorite products are the bath bombs and bubble bars. Both give your bath an amazing scent and leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized, the difference is the bubble bars also make bubbles. Easy enough to remember! They are a little on the expensive side ($6-$9 each) but I’ve found they can easily be cut in half, or in some cases three or four pieces, to last multiple baths. Here are some of my favorites:

Starting at the top, from left to right:

French Kiss bubble bar: This has an intense lavender scent, perfect for relaxation.

Phoenix Rising bath bomb: I love the apple cinnamon scent, and the gold sparkles

Mrs. Whippy bath bomb: This has an ultra-sweet candy scent.

Green bubbleroon: Smells like fresh cut grass, perfect for spring!

Rocketeer bath bomb: Nice fresh scent, and makes beautiful colors in your bath, love it.

Dorothy bubble bar: This is a great mood lifter, contains my favorite scent, ylang yang.

Vanilla Fountain bath bomb: Has a beautiful rich vanilla smell thats stays on your skin

The Comforter bubble bar: My #1 favorite Lush Product of all time. You must try it. Insane bubbles!

Rose Jam bubbleroon: Smells like you are bathing in a thousand rose petals, a very luxurious scent.

Any other Lush addicts out there? How many of these have you tried? What are some of your favorite Lush products?



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